Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, Mr. Orwell, You're Goin' so Topsy-Turvey Down There!

Those great and passed-on dystopian writers are most likely spinning just a tad in their graves as weak speak. Actually they've probably Gordian-knotted themselves up years ago - perhaps they will make a final contribution to mankind outside their dire literary warnings; a double Gordian knot anyone?

All jokes aside this is some serious stuff. One of many and many more, I might add, and one of the signs of the deterioration of a country. This article I stumbled upon earlier says that a piece of legislation is trying to be shoved through congress that would authorize el presidente of IOUSA (Thanks, Agora!) to have some sort of "kill-switch" mechanism for the internet.

Hours could be spent deliberating and counting out the nastiness of this piece of legislation, but unfortunately it is one drastically over-sized and legalese set of pages that is tossed atop what is becoming a mountain of government burden. Pray that people get wind of this and wake up temporarily enough to get this thing struck down.

Otherwise you might not see this blog anymore! Now THAT would be hear-breaking! Oh, by the way, hope you guys are enjoying the official "Investophoria" domain. HUGE change, I know, I know. Long overdue, to boot.

In the markets today, not too much to mention for action. The broad indexes were ever-so-slightly lower today in the US, Canada's up a bit. Very light volume. Things should be more Die-Hard, Bruce Willis, Action-Style once the traders come back from their cottages after Labour Day weekend. Are you ready?

Have a Great Weekend, all!

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