Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Market Overview

The Dow appears to have completed an impulsive advance, and should enter into an ABC correction knocking at least a few hundred points off and resetting the momentum and strength indicators to make way for another upward push.


The USD still appears to be in the early stages of an ABC correction of its own that should take it below the 79.00 mark on the index.  Gold and silver have still not rallied to a point where they rescind the bearish forecasts, however the break fo initial support lends more weight to the "shallower correction" theory and subsequent major leg-up to follow. 

Update:  Tuesday, April 13.

There is not much to add by way of new developments - markets continue to struggle higher on anemic volume and more anemic momentum indicators.

Silver's DSI reading is over 85% showing a major bullish bias to the white metal - while this ratio can hold over 90% for some time, extremely one-sided opinions on any asset can lead to swift and sharp corrections. 

The market is still due for a larger pullback which should erase at least 1/3 of its recent rally for the past 2 months.  Following that we should see another higher-high in the US markets which should mark a completed terminal pattern - I will be looking to various sentiment and momentum indicators as well as secondary indices for verification along the way to see where we are in the bigger picture.

Despite the markets up-day, the VIX was up 4% on the day, indicating a shaky psychological foundation for further rises.  Yesterday's gap-down could be an exhaustion gap on the VIX, and the index should turn up as markets turn down for a few weeks.  If one wanted to play a short-term short, one could, however an equally good play is to keep cash at hand and take a swing long position once a nice ABC correction has played out in the broad indices. 

As for precious metals, the continued rise puts more weight on the bullish case for gold and silver, however the glaring non-confirmation in price from December still points to a longer-term bear market in the metals, and with deflationary forces due to crescendo again, that scenario may very well play out.  Despite that, the USD's correction looks underway, with minor potential for a rise above recent highs in the USD index.  A decline to below the 79.50 mark is a minimum corrective target, with the 78.60 mark being an ideal point to reset momentum and shake up short term psychology.

Next post I will show updated charts on the precious metals, Dow/S&P500, and any other assets currently of note.

Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!





  2. Sell strength, buy weakness, volatility will increase now:

    You can't win with specific calls for turns. The way to beat this casino is buy and sell the volatility. A leveraged strategy (I am not endorsing this):


  3. Imagine how the world media could have played the US political, and, social and economic conditions in 1861. They would have had good excuse for calling the collapse of the US, as a political unity, along with its fledgling shaky currency. .

    They even struck their own currency in the South. They engaged in a very bloody war splitting the young growing nation in two that lasted as long as WW1 and WW2.

    At that time, the US was of little significance within the well established world of that day, The colonists, not a century early, would not have won the left the mother country had not the French helped them - not because they thought the colonist's cause was just and of concern, but they wanted to take over, once the British had gone.

    Ever wondered why the US retained far more of their British identity, than take from the nation which 'helped' it to succeed, and secede? Of course most, if not all do not, because you have not been taught to think these things out.

    How much more I could add, but will leave it there.

    The people decide nothing, they have always been duped by the intelligentsia who hold the real coffers - those who have the gold make the rules. (You know it, but don't believe it)

    Will the people, the masses, ever get that in their thick heads - NEVER!

    The writer of that link referred to above
    echoes what he has picked up from the US media to move the focus of its citizens away from what is happening at home, among other reasons.

    He knows nothing about the real relationship of Gold, Oil, and the US dollar - or if he does, he keeps it to himself.

    He knows nothing about what/who make this world rick.

    And what do the people do? They help main stream media by spreading their skilled, lethal. misinformation.

    Remember the words in that song of a few years ago - 'when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn'.

    Once again - NEVER!

  4. Ray the masses do not care about this. They only care about their daily dramas. If you are intelligent enough, your job can be to extract as much wealth as possible from the masses, then you can help guide them to your preferred destiny. But the rub is that masses prefer to consume before saving, and thus they prefer usury. Thus the only way you can compete with the TPTB is to offer usury to the masses, but TPTB already have a monopoly control over usury and fiat (fractional reserve) legal tender.

    Ray this was all explained and predicted 2000 years ago in the Bible. Revelation explains where this leads, and we are moving closer to the one world govt, where TPTB will have aggregated all of the world's power and wealth. But they are not God, and they understand that their destiny is to burn in hell. They want to fulfill their destiny. If they didn't play their role as TPTB, then another group would, because the masses demand usury and fiat. Where there is a demand, there must be a supply. Basic economic law.

    So what do you want to do Ray? You want that you and I write useless thoughts here?

    That is why most people don't waste their time on this nonsense, because there is nothing that any of us can do about it.

    Personally I have decided to stay focused in my technology expertise (specifically programming), and hope to create new paradigms in networking, that give the masses greater freedom to break through barriers that will be rising as the fascism rises naturally during this western sovereign debt crisis epoch. The way this crisis will play out is described here:

    So I have decided to focus my expertise on fulfilling a natural demand that would be created by the increasing fascism.

    Because even thought the people are debtors, they naturally desire to be free and to seek the required debt jubilee every 7 and 50 years as required in the Bible. So there is a role for us to play in helping to provide the technological mechanisms that override the govt's power in order to fulfill the jubilee.

    What proactive can you do Ray? Or how do you plan to deal with your frustration? Is posting here your own result?

    Good luck Ray and God bless.

    Oh one rebuttal to what you wrote in the prior blog page. Manufacturing will increase, but my point is the value of manufacturing will decline to 0, and manufactured goods will approach their raw materials cost. This is due to accelerating trend towards automation. China tries to compete with slave labor trapped in a Yuan peg. Sure China will reap some advances, but also they are building a huge underbelly of misallocation of time and effort. I could write much more about this, but the bottom line is that software networking paradigms that enable people around the world to break free of the controls that nations attempt-- will be in harmony with the trend of the death of nations and towards a one world govt. Simultaneous with the whole moving towards more centralization, the diversity of the minority will be increasing. Universal trend of entropy makes it so.


  5. NoMakeBelieveInvisibleFriendsPleaseApril 8, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    @Shelby - Guess I hadn't read your stuff much until now. I do hope you were joking because once I hit your "it's all in the Bible" garbage, you lost all credibility. Revelations?!? Really?!? Do you enjoy the other barbaric preachings found in Deuteronomy and the Koran? Yes, yes - your predictable response will be ~ "Some day you will see the light". Not likely. Please peddle your medieval nonsense elsewhere.

  6. Preparation for big changes in the global financial order. The craziness I see coming, outstrips the imagination. The federal debt is now more than annual GDP, and if all current retirement mandates are funded, then it will rise to several times GDP in coming decade or two. This means at double-digit interest rates (which is likely given rampant inflation needed to inflate away value of the debt), even 100% of GDP could not pay the interest on the national debt. This will cause increased borrowing, which will increase the national debt faster, which make it even worse than above statement. The only way out is to drastically reduce the lifestyle (including housing, etc), or to inflate away the value of the debt. Even 100% taxes won't solve the problem without doing one of those 2 actions. Thus we can be nearly certain that massive inflation is on the way. But this doesn't solve the problem, because it continually raises the quantity of the national debt. This would be an endless debt trap spiral with massive inflation that ends only with a MadMax outcome (or world war). You would have massive social unrest during this. The most sane option is for westerners to right now decrease their standard-of-living voluntarily and buy gold and silver. But this won't happen. Less than 1 in 1000 own gold, and many of them own it in IRAs or certificate forms, and the govt can steal of all this through taxation.

    Note that is monetary inflation, combined with cost of manufacturing deflation. This is a wicked mix, and no country will be spared.

    The cockiness of the westerner, who doesn't even understand that Shannon-Nyquist theorem of sampling says that science can not know anything, because until you've sampled a signal infinite samples, you don't know if your reconsruction is aliased to the opposite result from the true signal being measured. An example, is take a grid of pixels and sample vertical lines that are narrower than 1 pixel. Some of the lines disappear entirely.

    How can I debate someone who is ignorant of basic math and theorems? They are too stupid to even know what science is, so they put science on a separate plane from the Bible. If they only had studied math and science at the fundamental level, they wouldn't be so cocky. And you know what the Bible says will happen to these cocky fools during this epoch?

    Maybe you can pray that the Bible is a fairy tale. I sure hope it is. Facts above speak for them self. Bible says clearly this would happen. It even says we will throw our gold in the streets because it will be too dangerous to use it. This is what happens when only 1 in 1000 has any wealth and the rest can be used against the millionaires. TPTB have a plan to wipeout the millionaires in this decade. There will only be billionaires and the cattle.


  7. Make that quadrillionaires and the cattle.

  8. Fiddling while Rome burned...

  9. Have you read the March 18 "Re-Employment Act" signed by Obama?

    Do you know what is buried in it?

    Foreign banks will be required to close their accounts held by US Citizens.

    The noose is tightening.

    Someone told me there will be a blackmarket if the govt raises taxes on gold too much, and I said how can there be a black market with 1 buyer and 999 sellers? (1 in 1000 have metal) Much easier to just steal from the buyer and rape his wife for frosting. Black markets arise in some popular activity. The popular activity is going to be stealing. Oh it already is. The West has been stealing from the East for decades with the dollar debt addiction and suppression of gold by the western political and military system.

    Oh you are just so knowledgeable. Tell me something I don't know please? Just one fact?

    Come on mr smart guy? One fact I don't know? Certainly you know something?

  10. I don't know why I waste me time, but here is the typical example used to claim the Bible is barbaric:

    The part about killing women and children.

    But readers take it out-of-context. Lord warned the people that if they use a govt (King), he will steal everything and it will lead to use barbaric outcomes:

    The Lord is just fulfilling the natural law. The Bible is simply a statement of how the universe works (nature's laws). It is not a bearded man making these decisions to kill children. Don't hallucinate. The fact is whorEshipping a government and law, as we have done in the west, leads to barbaric outcomes, as you are about to witness in this decade and/or next decade.

    Man is barbaric, not the Bible. The Bible is just stating reality.

    Seems you are the one fabricating fairytales, if you think man's nature is not barbaric.


  11. Nomakebelievefriends, don't waste your time with religious nutcases. Lunatics believe what they WANT to believe. 'Not a single shred of evidence? No problem.....they have "faith". Oh look, that cheese sandwhich over there....if you turn it just right, it's OBVIOUSLY a likeness of Jesus.
    Some people just aren't adult enough to face the fact that they are ON THEIR OWN in the universe, and so, as you say, make up secret friends to give them comfort. All children do it. Some never grow up.

  12. Shelby You ask: -

    "...What proactive can you do Ray? Or how do you plan to deal with your frustration? Is posting here your own result?....."

    First let me say, I have absolutely no frustrations. As a good psychologist, I have many very effective combatant mental 'exercises' to ensure I don't.

    In the same way I have regular
    physical exercise (without going to a gym) to ensure I keep reasonably physical fit. And both compliment each other.

    I have explained partly before why I post here, or anywhere. It is more to keep my own thoughts in focus as for anyone else's benefit.

    (In other words, I know I am talking mostly to myself)

    Also, as I trade in the gold market and in any area I see potential from my computer, I compose my posts usually between the 'action'.

    This is why I have rarely time to edit, and because of the restrictive facility available, I make many errors and only spot them after I have posted and can see everything in better context, and clearer. As you know, there is no way they can be corrected once posted. (Derek hint, hint)

    Individually, I know one's posts achieve very little, but collectively, I believe the Internet is making a difference, albeit slowly but surely.

    It makes people think, and evaluate the options to that which MSM (main stream media) dish up.

    I would suggest avoiding religious reference. It is one area that is too emotive, and it challenges entrenched beliefs and appreciated only when
    preaching to the converted. And that applies to any religion.

    Also, the context of any post here should relate in someway to 'the financial markets with, it seems, a bias to gold and the other PM's.

    Speculation is a business, and should be treated as such. It is not something one 'dabbles 'in, or 'plays at' if one want's to reap the rewards.

    I see great opportunity with the markets as they are today, and with all the facilities literally at our finger tips.

    There was a very old song I heard the other day on the radio which dished out good advice. It went - 'You've got to accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, don't mess with Mr Inbetween.'

    Good advice for us all.

    Crisis spells OPPORTUNITY! (Seek it, and ye shall find')

  13. good stuff guys, Ray and Shelby. It would be great to have a breakfast meeting with the two of you fully caffeninated and the synapses firing. Then an evening meeting over a few drinks completely uninhibited, to see what changes. Kudos to both.
    I don't mind the religious angles. For someone with intellectual curiosity that is the ultimate realm. I have become fascinated with John Hagee because he seems so factual and knowledgeable. Shelby have you heard him? any thoughts?

    Down to business, guys are you selling into this rally? Silver appears to have broken above the overhead resistance line, and now resuming its march upward. I keep a long term core position and try to swing trade the highs and lows.
    This is a very confusing time as the dollars counter trend rally on strength appears to have stalled or is rolling over-positive for metals.
    On the other hand, fake stk mkt recovery underway, rates could/should rise, summer is basically here-sell in May and go away, could all pressure Metals back down to support.
    Do you guys buy Dereks deflation argument and what about timing?
    What is TPTB?

  14. TPTB = The powers To Be.....

  15. 'That' be (We already have 'em)

    It is just one of a number of euphemisms for those who rule us with their 'gold' - the 'government'we
    don't get to vote for and whose term of office never ends.

    How do they do it? It's easy, most people don't believe they exist. They only believe the 'puppets' because they dance, and prance around before their eyes, and their strings don't show against the dark back drop.

    And. of course, the media talk about the puppets, and present them on TVm and wherever, as though they make the decisions. We all know the media wouldn't lie would they.

  16. Here is a puxxler for those who are clued into the bigger picture, and not the anachronistic narrow view of only what is happening within their own borders.

    Whether you like it or not - 'that butterfly flappings its wings in wherever..............'

    This snippet froma commentary by Nadler at Kitco brought it to mind.

    '....Crude oil –a generally closely related trade to gold- was last seen trading just shy of the $86.00 per barrel mark and has now posted a better than 70% (!) gain over the past year. This spectacular rise has utterly puzzled many a seasoned energy trader who sees inventories well above the top end of normal seasonal limits. ......'

    It brought me to an incongruous feature of the economy here in the UK, which I have as yet not been able to reason out, this is the proliferation of used car dealers popping up on once vacant lots.

    What is more, there are now lavish, and 'catchy' TV adverts wanting to BUY your car. They are similar to the ones wanting to buy your gold.

    Now, perhaps one could think that the car 'buying' is a catch to get you onto their lot to sell you another one in trade.

    Not so! In fact built into the pitch is the message not to go to a dealer to trade your car when buying, but that you will get a better deal if you sell your car first, then if you want another car - haggle the price with 'cash' at your choice of dealer.

    In other words, they really just want to BUY your car.

    And on a final word, and this is the crunch, petrol (gas) here in the UK is higher than at its peak before and is now approaching £6.00 ($9.22) a gallon.

    From 'the Guardian' British national newspaper:-

    ...Petrol prices look set reach £6 per gallon, and rising.

    Petrol prices have hit an average all-time high of 120p per litre, it emerged today, and there were predictions they could go even higher this summer to as much as 150p – and fuel duty could become an electoral issue.

    The new high, which eclipses the previous peak of 119.7p in July 2008, comes just days after a fuel duty rise of 1p a litre......'

    (Oh, and perhaps this is the real crunch, this time, so far there have been no angry demos at the 'pumps' that occasioned the last rise.)

    So, how do you work that out? Anyone any ideas? I can usually find an answer but not for this one.

    These are, indeed, strange economic days.

    Ray in the UK

  17. Sorry, that word 'puxxler' is 'puzzler'. My clumsy fingers and poor eyesight

  18. Hagee is deluded. He along with 99% of Christian preachers have it all wrong.

    Here is the real news. and Read all the titles here. YOU will learn and open your eyes to real history. 7 hills is in Jerusalem.

    Btw if one does NOT BELIEVE IN religion, that is their choice. Then remember, the Talmud, Torah are also garbage along with the Bible???

    I have yet to see anyone criticize the Talmud and the Torah, in the news, TV etc but the Bible ( New Testament) is ok.

    Read the sonic version of the Talmud, the uneditied version, especially the one from 100 years ago or before if you can find one, then put on your Christian or Aetheist hat and tell me the Talmud is not hateful.

    For all you aethists and Chrisians, Romans did not kill Jesus, the jews did. Funny how this has changed through the the media and movies.

    Funny being non religious for so long, but getting ALL my Universal trading knowledge into the Future from the Bible ( new testament), I will say study it and YOU too will know the trading future in every commodity. And All my calls come correct.

    Want to know what will happen in 2016/2019/2024/2032/2049/2099......even the date I know for each commodity....the high and low.

    Then again, I cannot tell all of you everthing I know, for if I did, the CIA/Gog and magog will kill me as they killed President Kennedy in 1963 as he wanted to print the dollar by the gov't and not the FED reserve.

    However, as I'm doing the work of/for the " J" the RebEl, I'm blessed.

    The jews that did belong to the middle east and are the true descendants of Abraham and still believe in the messiah coming as are some Arabs who are true descendants of Abraham from Ishmael.

    Jesus is from the House of David, a true line from Abraham. As long as these true Sephardic jews believe in a Messiah coming, I believe in

    Jesus the ReBel the true "Universal Being."

    The world is why it is not because of Christians. He who controls the money controls it all....( moneylenders who Jesus hated and threw out).

    Trading dates, April 16, and August 10, 2010.

  19. ^^ crickets chirping ^^

  20. First let me say, I do not for one moment expect you to agree the following. But it should make you THINK!

    That out of the way, I will proceed.

    My credentials, as some may have gathered, include that I spent some years in and around Mainland China. I even taught members of government departments, as they in return, taught me, though for them it was unpaid, much about China. and even more about the Chinese mentality

    China was never really sleeping, except by cat naps, the 'cat' being of the tiger variety. China does not just see, it observes.

    It observed something which Japan failed to when it first set out to find that 'key fundamental' ingredient that elevated Western Power dominance over the East. and the rest of the world.

    At that time Britain was the dominant western power, which worked fine for Japan as also being a small island it was something with which it could identify.

    So Japan copied everything British. It built a large navy, it dressed its children like the Victorian British children in sailors uniforms. It still drives on the same side of the road. and set out to build an Empire........

    But for all its expert 'copying' (there was more) it failed to 'observe' what really was behind British power. In short, it missed that 'one square mile' of London, the real capital of its huge empire, and from which it, or those who own that square mile, virtually controlled the world (and, to some extent, still do).

    It tried to rectify this after the second world war by building its
    strong banking, and financial system, but now it's too late, it is an 'occupied' country that lost a war. And it still failed to spot, or was held back from taking action on, that one fundamental that was the missing link, or as a Superman follower might recognise as 'the Kryptonite' factor.

    China learned much from the mistakes of others, and since its revolution, has never been defeated, conquered, and occupied. China is not just another country, it is unique as those who doubt will find out as time goes on.

    But perhaps most of all, China saw 'the Achilles heel' of the West. It saw how that tiny island was able to build such a vast Empire, and exert such influence. The British themselves were not super people from another planet. The Chinese were a great inventive civilisation when the 'Brits' were divided in tribes and living in mud huts.

    China was never an aggressive nation, it has been built on the teachings of Confucius. It has always focused on defence -
    hence that definitive edifice to defence - the Great Wall.

    Let me cut what is a wonderful, enlightening, but long, story and get to the point. China has observed that the power of the West has come from a simple formula - 'He who has the gold makes the rules (has the power) '

    Yes, we have all heard it many times, but do not really accept its validity. We do not observe, which is something for which Holmes was often so critical when Watson would say 'yes, I see'. Holmes would respond, 'Yes you see, my dear Watson, but you do not observe '.

    Will have to continue below

  21. Gold (real money) power financed the Industrial revolution and built the British Empire. The British navy could not have existed to help conquer, and protect its acquisitions without that financial backing. Britain itself never had that gold, it was merely very friendly, and accommodating, to the one's who did?

    We have a very famous national song sung like the National Anthem. It is called 'Jerusalem'. And one of the lines goes -
    "...and was Jerusalem builded here in England's green and pleasant land." It certainly was.

    Incidentally, this has little to do with the Jewish people per se.The mass of Jewish people are often as much, if not more,
    as gullible, and used, as the rest. And they know it.

    Gold, that is the real money is the fulcrum upon which the world's financial, and economic, system has matured and grown over centuries. And stems from the days of 'The Temple'. a name often applied aptly to the misleadingly named ' US Federal Bank'. It is now an extremely complex and interwoven, system, and would be almost impossible to unravel and change without destroying the world beyond recognition - and most if not all who inhabit it.

    It is the true basic store of value, it is the medium of exchange for the 'Elite money lenders and changers', those who sit at the top of the real (and fiat) money chain and who consequently make all the 'important' to them, rules, that the rest (we) must follow.

    Gold manipulated? Of course, Only a naive, idiot, could fail to see (observe) that. It would be akin to not believing the world is roundish.

    This was possible because no one could really challenge the manipulators, or take action against them. The last person to try, at least according to a particular religious history, was nailed to a cross for His effrontery.

    However, after around 2000 years, and unrelated to the motives behind the early attempt, a nation is emerging that is attaining the ability to challenge the 'Financial Elite' and their gold power. Their manipulation machinations of gold being now their 'Achilles heel'.

    It is not that something 'will be', but that something 'can be' effected, that is the prime cause for concern. It is so with nuclear weapons.

    Add to this the ability to 'upturn the tables' on the 'Money Changers (gold manipulators) and you have the definitive weapon of mass destruction ever.

    China will soon be in that position with an ever increasing dominant position in the International gold market, if not already. Thank goodness, she has the refinement, maturity, and culture if provoked to use it, it will be in defence, and as a last resort.

    Meanwhile, those who oppose her, and have held such financial power, and exerted dominance over others, for so long, have time to clean up their act. And this is the period through which we are now travelling.

    WATCH GOLD! (the manipulation will have to be brought down to manageable proportions before there is a call for 'habeas corpus goldus'. It will be a rough, but exciting, ride.)

    Ray in the UK

  22. Anonymous,

    I can fully understand your 'omg'

    It brought a smile to my face, and it got in so quick - before I had added my
    continued bit.

    At least, your post was a lesson in brevity. Which they say, is the sole of wit.

    Thanks, whoever you are
    Otherwise, I guess your abbreviation might have indicated something more explicit.

  23. Derek, The inmates have taken over the asylum1 Where are you? Have you fled? You were going to do an update last week!

  24. Some, like Anonymous, if not all of you may think that historical references have no place in actions influencing the financial markets. How wrong you would be. They have everything to do with it - repeat EVERYTHING!

    Trading is as old as man, and all businesses are built on trading - supply and demand.

    We, modern man (and woman), are products of past action before and after we emerge from our mother's womb. Therefore a behavioural process has built up around it, from nature and nurture.

    History is not something which only relates to text books and about the distant past. History is what we live NOW, because every second of our lives becomes history the moment it passes.

    Unfortunately, the drivel dished up to us at school is more manipulated than the markets. It twists truth into something intended to induce in us a 'feel good' factor. This way we will become more patriotic, and dutiful slaves, ready, if need be, to give our lives for our masters.

    I have rid myself of all those false illusions I had from school days about how things were, and have made great effort in attempting to see how things are because of how they really were. And because behaviour eventually becomes habit, how they will tend, more or less, to continue to be.

    You cannot see the markets in isolation, unless you want to be just a pure gambler. Speculation, differs from gambling in that it considers more elements than pure chance. It uses all that is known could be of influence in order to decide the well reasoned action to be taken.

    All the financial markets mirror human behaviour, and behaviour comes from what we believe. What we believe comes from what is stored in out minds, and how we interact with other people's behaviour. It is a never ending chain of cause and effect.

    So, what are you - gambler or speculator? You decide, or it will decide for you.

  25. I love this blog. Things went this way and that way - however they may go this way or that way according to my mathematical charts... The fault here is there is no underlying strategy or trend discovery foundation upon which to call these movements.. I have been reading the blog and the comments for sometime and I am failing to see the value..

  26. Anonymous,
    Activity in the markets is caused solely by people's thinking, particularly their perceptions. Not one person's but many.

    Therefore, when people reveal their thoughts, whoever, and whatever, they should be of interest especially when taken collectively.

    And it costs you nothing but a little time to skim through to glean 'the message', or trend of thought at a given time.

    One either sees this, or one dosen't.

    I could tell you what that is, but it is already here for anyone to see, so why repeat.

    Current general market analysis appears about the same at the moment wherever one turns.

    The message from gold is screaming loudly, and has been for some time.

    Baruch who made a fortune in the markets, and at the time there was no one to better him on market knowledge.

    When asked by someone eager for enlightenment, probably someone very much like you Anonymous on what the market will do.

    He replied that the market will do what it has always done - it will fluctuate. You can't fault that advice. You just have to figure out, and time its fluctuations then jump on and ride the bull, or bear, whichever.

  27. Private sector GDP is contracting by -10% per year:

    Ray, you do not understand what is going on. China is a nation, on the aggregate it will suffer immensely. China's controlling elite know this and they are just maximizing their position. The old world bankers are playing the strengths and weaknesses and will continue to increase power.

    It is not "he who holds the gold". It is "he who holds the gold, and does not hold 1.5 billion peasants liability". There is no way China will ever have as much gold per capita as the USA once had.

    That time is finished, never to return again. We are in the final mopping up stages of the one world order, where gold can not be held by people any more. That is what this big shift will do by the end of it.

    You do not seem to understand that China came to the party too late, and too debt in socialism debt. They can not undo 50 years of shooting themselves in the feet, with 2 decades of Yuan-pegged anti-capitalism.

    Ray you have no clue.


  28. In short, the Chinese elite are just pimping their population to the old european banksters. Communist party is nothing but a massive sheeple herding system. Pimps and their socialism sheeple whores. That is what world is coming to now.


  29. Read about the Red Dragon and Harlots in Revelation. Read 2 Timothy about nature of men in end times.

    One world order probably within my lifetime.

    But damn if I won't do my best to do something about it. Talking here is like masturbating and picking my nose.


  30. Shelby,

    I believe it is you who have much to learn. Yes we will have One World. No argument there. Did not China have as its Olyumpic slogan - 'One World One Dream'?

    I know it. The Chinese know it, far more than do the mass of Americans.

    The Chinese not only know it, the way they engage with other nations, they act it.

    We never get any problems with the Chinese communities in the UK, and as far as I have seen, nor does America.

    The Chinese here do not fill our welfare queues, and have never been during the length of our long association.

    The Chinese welcome 'One World'. They do not seek world domination, never have, never will.

    They are far from being stupid. In fact, they are a highly intelligent people. They revere education, and hold teachers in high esteem, unlike we in the West.

    They also hold family in high esteem.

    I am not going to say more as I have found with Americans who are so brainwashed by their media, that it falls on deaf ears.

    I do not find this attitude when I talk with Europeans, even my nation's former enemies.

    I have spent too many years living and working among them - Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan. They all have the same written language. They all have the same cultural affinity.

    But think what you will. I merely present an alternative view, one from personal experience.

    I would rather teach a room full of Chinese kids, than American or British ones of today. In fact, I would never be a teacher of the latter two.

    As the months and years roll on, all will become apparent.

  31. Agrarian people have those type of qualities, until after a spoiled generation in the cities, as per our western boomers.

    Agreed the Chinese conform well and will help forward the world to zombie state of one world socialism.

    Some "cowboys" (liberty or death principled) like me will refuse it until you pry our guns from our cold dead hands. I refuse to be prodded, caged, viewed with a zillion cameras on every street corner, etc. Give me death instead.


  32. The Chinese are on our welfare system. What you think the Yuan peg is? It certainly ain't capitalism. Wake up Ray.


  33. How do you like those cowbells at every street crossing for the humans (us) in Kowloon, Hong Kong?

    How do you like the fact that a "white man" can not walk into any of the barbell gyms there and workout? You will be refused because of your race.

    Ray wake up dude. You are living in some fantasy world.

  34. I am living in a wonderful world, and what is more I have visited almost three quarter of it.

    This year, already, I have been to Egypt, sailing down the Nile, Israel, Paris, and will be in Italy in two weeks time.

    Life is what you make it.

    I lived twice in the US about ten years all together. I have seen, lived, and worked in more parts of America than the majority of Americans.

    So, you want to tell me how to live?

    And Shelby, you say I should wake up. If this is sleeping, I'll stay asleep.

    I felt more free and safe in a Chinese city, than I did in the US. I was never stopped in the street and questioned by a cop for just looking in a shop window anywhere else in the world but the US.

    I never saw a real shoot out anywhere else but in the US.

    I saw less security at the airport in Tel Aviv than any Western airport, and I was through all the arrival and departure procedures quicker than anywhere else. It was a breeze, and a pleasure.

    I can travel quicker from the centre of London to the centre of Paris by train quicker than going to Manchester.

    This is a great and wonderful world, and London is a fantastic city,

    From my high rise large window I have a vast panoramic view of the London that is worth thousands alone. It thrills me every time I look out.

    You want me to go on.....

    No? So, go on, please tell me about life, and what I am missing.

  35. Shelby

    You write

    "The Chinese are on our welfare system. What you think the Yuan peg is? It certainly ain't capitalism. Wake up Ray."

    If that isn't capitalism, what is it?

    Is levelling punitive sanctions against another nation especially like tiny Cuba, capitalism?

    It certainly does not put China on US welfare. But the cheap goods from China
    helps Americans on welfare.

    China did not force any foreign company to establish itself there. They went because they wanted to.

    Who really owns what company today?

    The US is now joining the real world where most of us have had to live while the US was living a false dream which is now becoming a nightmare.

    This is only because they are having to readjust to a lower level. It's always tougher on the way down. But it will all even out one day

    One bowl of rice extra a day, result happiness,
    One hamburger less a day, result misery

    (apologies to Mr Micawber)


  37. not that you do't know what you're talking about but isn't will spelt will? derek?

  38. This has turned into one big gigantic soap opera.....

  39. Good place for a 'soap'
    The markets are always blowing 'bubbles,'
    and so many who enter the markets find themselves taking a bath sooner or later.

  40. just an note on this one world gov perhaps everyone will be an employee of the gov full time (gov employees fed or state or muni ,welfare ,unemployment benefits ,medical leave,doctors,etc...etc..)who is left to assimilate not many. a one world gov but still independant of each country other than money lines

  41. Derek has abandoned the site and turned it over
    to the comedy team of Fig Newton and Mustang Shelby.It's worth a couple of laughs to watch
    2 blowhards indulge in mental masturbation. I guess Derek couldn't bear watching 2 fly over the Cukoos Nest any longer.
    There are rumors that Derek has been sighted as official Palm Writer for --,yes you guessed it,
    Sarah 'Brain Dead ' Annie Oakley Palin. That's
    a-a-a-ll Fokes!

  42. checking the blog regularly, today for the last time. highly disappointed by Derek who I first thought is a talented guy, but he turned out to just disappear when things get wrong for a couple of weeks.


  43. Most of you people who comment here espouse "Stupid News."

    The indices are controlled by the "Club"...just check out the "Names" of the top 5 for 2009....there is NO "goyim" in there.

    The reason these 5 individuals make the billions is not BECAUSE THEY ARE ANY SMARTER THAN the "Goyim" but they CONTROL the GAME and "set it up" for the "Goyim" to lose billions and trillions!!

    My predictions have all come correct...these from 6 months ago on this forum.

    The correction on the ES, YM etc will be shallow..the "dogs" will do it on the night in globex....the mkt will still go up...but the big BUST is coming.

    The "clouds" are forming....but all YOU who believe in "STUPID NEWS' NO NOTHING.

    'CHINA" AND "INDIA" WILL be PAUPERS once the "DEAL" is done..and they may no it now..but they cannot DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    'ONCE you sign on WITH THE DEVIL' look good even GREAT for a long while...but at the END of the DAY...the COUNTRY is in peril...but all the 'JOKERS' who did the "DEED" are DEAD.!!!!

    Ron Paul is your immediate SAVIOUR...Christian...and tellling you the truth. Do not be fooled by the "SATAn"...Satan of the Sin a Gog.

    Unfortunately....Ron Paul does not OWN THE MEDIA...the "SATAN" do.

    But, the people can revolt and so can the "Christian" US ARMY!!!

    Wake before its too late. YOUR poor not because you are not a hard working man and woman...YOU are POOR BECAUSE the "SATAN" the same ones that killed "Jesus Christ"...the Jews...control every aspect of your life.

    Go check it out..from Pron to congress, to TV, MTV, to news, to the PRESIDENT.!!

    Mtv...Sumner Sumner Rothstein. Viacom.

    A lot of these people have "Anglo" names like Morgan, Smith...etc..but they are NOT Christian.

    Hagee..and all the Christian preachers are deluded....not knowning they are in bed with the DEVIL.

    WHY ELSE WOULD AMERICAN BE BROKE...but A RICH.!!! Europe and Germany in 1900-1932!!

    'I know the future....thanks to JESUS THE REBEL."

    DO YOU!!! TAKE your COUNTRY back to the CHRISTIANS!!

    God Bless.

  44. They should just legalize marijuana already. I mean come on.

  45. Last Tuesday Derek wrote

    "...There is not much to add by way of new developments - markets continue to struggle higher on anemic volume and more anemic momentum indicators...."

    Nothing has changed. What else can anyone say.

    You know this as well as anyone so why keep searching for that glimmer of false hope.

    THIS IS A TRADERS MARKET and will stay so for some time. even the few decent stocks that have a good future are over priced.

    Really smart money will not pay these prices, but will use any short squeeze in order to dump and get out. They will come in again when the prices are
    better value based on their real fundamentals.

    That is how they acquire their fortunes. Ignoring this is how you lose what little you have.

    The bear squeeze (It can't really be anything else) will continue until these eager beaver, jump in too early, inexpreienced, 'would be' bears are punished for their lack of judgement, along with the 'traders' who jump in on the wrong foot, and are too greedy to get out with a small profit.

    Yes, you could run across the LA freeway at peak commuter time perhaps a few times and live, if you are lucky.
    But it has only to get you once.

    You will increase your chances if you wait for the quiet period, learn to guage the speed of traffic, and improve your running skills while waiting.

    Not a perfect analogy, but you get the drift.