Monday, December 17, 2007

Overview - My First 2 Published Positions

A recap of the positions I took today:

SCSS Long at 6.25/share for 500 shares. + .36/share end of day 1 for $180.00 profit. Will continue to hold until SCSS reaches price target I for first sell and price target II for second sell (see "A Risky Endeavor?")

DUG - UltraShares Pro Short Oil & Gas - Long at $39.34/share for 300 shares. + 1.15/share for $345 profit. Will continue to hold to reach sell off goal by tracking oil price movements and using technical analysis on the charts for DUG

So far off to a jump start because I picked some good entry points for $525 profit the first day of trading. These two trades have grossed me a 3.52% gain on the first day. My general goal is a 3% gain minimum per month on my overall portfolio, so I'm off to a good start.

I will be doing more extensive research on two other positions I'm attracted to as well as writing down some notes on something I call the tug-of-war which deals with general market perspectives.

Thanks to my readers so far. I've already received 2 emails and I 'm very excited to hear from more of you! Have a good evening.

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  1. Why these two stocks? Could you give me a very short reason. Eight sentences please. Two paragraphs, one paragraph per stock. Keep it simple.