Friday, December 21, 2007


Good morning everybody.

I'm going to give you a small update on the two trades that I've made so far. First, SCSS climbed for another small gain yesterday to 7.36/share. I am moving my stop-loss point up to a 7.00-breakthrough on strong volume, so between 6.90 and 7.00/share. This means that no matter what happens all 500 of my shares are 100% profitable now.

DUG has done a strong retraction and I am sitting just under even to my buy-in right now. This correlates with the recent demand-increase oil report as Light Crude prices on the Amex are 90.60 for the April '08 futures, and I shorted at just over 92.00/barrel. So I am in the money on my futures contract and on SCSS, but out of the money on DUG. If it hits my stop-loss of 37.00 the position will be closed out and I will take a loss.

Otherwise I'm feeling good. Christmas is coming up soon and it'll be nice to have some quiet time with Laura. I am thinking about taking another trade this afternoon so if I decide to go ahead I will post here before I do it.

Thanks for reading guys!

Oh yeah one more thing. I just got a new watch a couple of days ago and it's so nice! Check it out here if you want.

I will be making at least one more post before Christmas and then it's off to gain some weight! See you soon.

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