Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Contrarian Perspective to Government

For readers of Investophoria, I'm sure it has been made abundantly clear the disgust with which the blog covers government action.  Generally governments are incompetent, stupid, greedy, corrupt, evil etc etc.  (which they most certainly are, when it comes to issues of money, social advancement, fairness, et al).

But there is a contrarian view that should also be acknowledged - one that shows that politicians are a very very specific breed of person who have an uncanny ability that a miniscule minority of all human brethren possess - even to a small degree.

Have a gander at this excerpt from Bob Prechter's "Independent Investor".  Bob is the world's foremost expert on Elliott Wave analysis and its application not only in financial markets, but to social activity in general.  He started the Socionomics Institute formally in 1999, and there have been some very interesting (and uncannily prescient) observations made by this man.

Not bad considering he started out playing for a rock band!

Here it is, as usual, for your viewing pleasure:

Anyway, just watching the market drama unfold today.  Pretty interesting stuff.  I might be back after the close sometime to comment.  Or not - there's grass to cut after all!

Enjoy your days, folks!


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