Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Hell of a Market Cross-Roads

So here's the scoop.  A nice brief article.  No mention of gold (except to mention that I'm not mentioning it right here), or the USD.  I'll stay away from individual stocks and commodities today.

No, dear reader, my concern lies with something I brought to your (and my) attention back on September 14th.

Remember when I said that the most likely place the S&P500 would rally to was 1,132, according to a fibonacci retracement calculation that was further strengthened by that nice downward trend line dating right back to the all-time market top in October of 2007?

I present for you, the updated version:

As you can see here (by clicking the chart), the major downshift in sentiment has a nice trend-line dating all of the way back to the all-time market top.

This is the point where anyone still invested long in stocks should really consider pulling out the majority (if not all) of these holdings and sitting in cash to ride out the next leg of this long-term bear market.

Going short isn't such a bad idea either (and probably 3 or 4 times more profitable than cash), if you are the type - just make sure that your brokerage or trading firm isn't one of the weaker ones as many will be blown away by the sheer volume that is going to come into this decline.  Not to mention some might have a hard time, you know, existing with those awesome capital rations of theirs!

As always, stay safe out there.  The next leg down should break far below that lower trendline in the downward channel and we probably won't see a total low for the market for up to 12 months.  The lower part of the channel should act as overhead resistance for the trendline.

My suspicions, however, (and coincided with studying the market moves of the Great Depression and other market bubbles) is that we won't see that lower trendline for some time once we break through it.

Of course, the unthinkable could happen and we could have a mad dash to new heights first.  However, I'm just not seeing it as the DSI is hovering around 90% or more on practically every market that has be making new highs for weeks!  And the DSI is 93% bearish on the dollar for a MONTH.  Yikes.  Feels like sentiment is way too stretched.

Happy Investing.  Remember Mark Twain's sage advice for these times:

"I am more concerned with the return of my capital than the return on  my capital."  

Truly coined for the depression era.  Sock away every penny folks, save as much cash as you can and be ready for those once-a-century buying opportunities not-too-far down the road. 


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